*Updated at 9 AM Monday to change timing of rainfall*

Computer projections have been very consistent over the past couple days, so I can confidently say that some much needed rainfall will return to our area next Monday into early Tuesday. 

It's looking like this will come in two waves. The first round of rainfall will arrive around 11 AM Monday, where showers and isolated thunderstorms are possible. This round will exit around 5 PM.

The second wave will arrive Monday evening and Monday night, when the core of the system passes overhead. There is a better chance for thunderstorms during this time. These can bring downpours, wind and possibly hail.

Rain totals will range from 0.5 to 1.5" across the area, with isolated areas getting 2.0"

Snow levels will stay fairly high with this system, so local mountains might see some snow, but no accumulations. However, the highest peaks in the San Bernardino and San Gabriel Mountains will receive several inches of snow.

Most of the precipitation will exit by early Tuesday morning. I'll keep an eye on this storm and bring updates if needed.

Computer projected rain totals through next Tuesday morning
Computer projected rain totals through next Tuesday morning

Computer projected snow totals through next Tuesday morning


Agua Caliente (AGUC1)0.00
Alpine (ANEC1)0.25
Barona (BNAC1)0.16
Barret Lake (BRTC1)0.30
Barrett Junction (BAJC1)0.38
Birch Hill (IRCC1)0.51
Bonita (BNNC1)0.20
Bonsall (BOSC1)0.18
Borrego Palm Canyon (BRPC1)0.00
Borrego Springs (BGOC1)0.00
Brown Field (SDM)0.26
Cactus County Park (CCPC1)0.32
Cameron Guard Station (CMNC1)0.24
Camp Elliot (MPEC1)0.36
Campo (CMFC1)0.13
Case Springs (CSPC1)0.22
CMP Target Range (CTGC1)0.21
Core Grade Road (OLEC1)0.44
Couser Canyon (OUSC1)0.22
Coyote Cyn Creek (CCYC1)0.01
Cuyamaca Reservoir (CYDC1)0.45
Deer Springs (DRGC1)0.30
Descanso (DENC1)0.31
Descanso RS (DSCC1)0.35
Dulzura Summit (DULC1)0.25
Eastern Tanks (ETKC1)0.55
Echo Dell (ECDC1)0.38
El Cajon (LCKC1)0.23
El Camino Del Norte (ECMC1)0.18
El Capitan Dam (ELPC1)0.60
Encinitas (ENCC1)0.17
Fallbrook 5NE (FBOC1)0.05
Fallbrook (FBZC1)0.20
Fallbrook (FLBC1)0.15
Fallbrook Community AP (L18)0.15
Fashion Valley (FSNC1)0.24
Flinn Springs (FLYC1)0.35
Goat Canyon (GOCC1)0.20
Goose Valley (GOSC1)0.21
Granite Hills (GRHC1)0.22
Harbison Canyon (HARC1)0.29
Henshaw Dam (HAWC1)0.12
Japatul Fire Station (JFSC1)0.26
Julian (JULC1)0.31
Kearny Mesa (KEAC1)0.34
La Jolla Amago (LJOC1)0.61
La Mesa (LMSC1)0.29
Lake Hodges (HODC1)0.18
Lake Morena (MRAC1)0.16
Lake Murray (MUYC1)0.19
Las Flores (LSFC1)0.18
Lindbergh Int'l Airport (SAN)0.29
Loma Tova (LMTB1)0.00
Lower Oat Flats (OFLC1)0.31
Marron Valley (MAVC1)0.20
Mesa Grande (MEGC1)0.34
Miramar Lake (MMRC1)0.34
Mission Valley (BVDC1)0.25
Missle (MSXC1)0.28
Montgomery Field (MYF)0.26
Mount Laguna (LGMC1)0.18
Mount Laguna (MLGC1)0.19
Mt Woodson Rd - Ramona (RMAC1)0.37
Oak Grove (OGVC1)0.17
Oceanside (OCNC1)0.44
Oceanside (OKB)0.40
Otay Mountain (OTYC1)0.48
Pala 2W (PZAC1)0.19
Palomar Airport (CRQ)0.19
Palomar Airport (PLMC1)0.21
Palomar Mountain (PRMC1)0.43
Palomar Mountain CRS (PMMC1)0.59
Palomar Mountain USFS (PAMC1)0.40
Pine Hills (PIHC1)0.41
Pine Hills Fire Station (PHIC1)0.41
Pine Valley County Park (PNVC1)0.27
Point Loma (L13)0.24
Potrero (PRCC1)0.24
Potrero CDF (POTC1)0.19
Poway (PWYC1)0.26
Rainbow Camp (RAIC1)0.12
Rainbow County Park (RABC1)0.17
Ramona (RMNC1)0.28
Ramona (RNM)0.21
Ranchita (RTAC1)0.04
Ranchita CDF (RCHC1)0.08
Ranchita Margarita (RMGC1)0.33
Rancho Bernardo (RNBC1)0.25
Red Gate Repeater (RGPC1)0.48
Rincon Springs (RINC1)0.50
Roads Division 1 HQ (RDHC1)0.20
San Diego Estates (ESTC1)0.20
San Felipe Valley (SFVC1)0.04
San Marcos Cnty Rd Station (SMXC1)0.19
San Marcos Landfill (NMLC1)0.18
San Miguel (MIGC1)0.27
San Pasqual (PSQC1)0.20
San Ysidro (YSDC1)0.24
Santa Rosa Plateau (SRUC1)0.06
Santa Ysabel (SYSC1)0.28
Santee - Mast Rd (STEC1)0.26
Skyline Ranch (SKLC1)0.16
Smugglers Gulch (UGGC1)0.20
Sutherland Dam (SUDC1)0.37
Talega (TLGC1)0.17
Temecula (TEMC1)0.00
Thousand Trails - Jamul (TTRC1)0.30
Tierra Del Sol (TRRC1)0.16
Tijuana Estuary (TJEC1)0.24
Tijuana R - Int'l Boundary (TIJC1)0.15
Valley Center (VALC1)0.33
Valley Center (VLCC1)0.32
Volcano Mountain (VCNC1)0.34
Warner Springs (WSGC1)0.09
Wire Mountain (WIRC1)0.33
Witch Creek Fire Station (WCHC1)0.35
Wohlford Dam (WHLC1)0.31