A band of showers is currently moving across San Diego County - seen on the radar loop below. This band of showers will dissipate from noon to 2 PM, so most areas should be completely dry by late afternoon.

This pesky storm system has been parked out in the Pacific for the past few days. It is cut off from the guiding winds in the upper atmosphere, so it's difficult to forecast. However, it looks like it will finally migrate overhead Monday and Tuesday. 

There isn't mush moisture associated with system, so rain chances are low. Regardless, an isolated shower could pop up at any time Monday or Tuesday. Snow levels will be high, so no snow is expected in local mountains.

Long range forecast still generally looks dry, though an occasional shower could pop up from time to time. There are hints of a slight pattern change by the end of the month. Hopefully this could eventually bring a more substantial rain by early February. As always, I'll keep an eye on it in the coming days.

Radar loop at 9:45 AM Saturday 1-15-2022


Unfortunately Monday's rain chance has evaporated. Most of the energy is going to split to the north and south around our area. The computer's are having a difficult time with this transition in the weather pattern.

Luckily, the December rains put coastal and inland areas of Southern California in a surplus for this rain season. Things are drastically different further inland to the desert regions of Southeast California, where it's very dry compared to normal. I've included an updated map of the entire state, which also shows that a lot of areas are doing good for rainfall...for now.

We are still in a La Nina, where equatorial water temperatures in the Pacific are cool. This usually equates to generally dry conditions for our area.

Looking at the long term computer projection for the next ten days (third map), it's looking pretty dry across the entire state of California. We might see a renegade storm sneak in during this time period, but otherwise, it's looking very dry.

Looking even farther out, I don't see much change to this pattern through January. I'll keep watching and bring updates if there are any changes.

Percent of rainfall so far this rain season.

A moderate La Nina can be seen along the equator off the west coast of South America.

Computer projection for total rainfall for the next ten days.