2020 was a warm and dry year. Every month had temperatures that were well above normal, especially in May, September and October, which were very warm. 

The total precipitation for 2020 was 7.83", which is 2.51" below normal. Only March and April had rainfall that was significantly above normal. In fact, almost 75% of the year's total rainfall came in these two months. I've posted the monthly rain totals across San Diego County at the bottom of this post.


Average Temperature Departure From Normal Total Rainfall Departure From Normal
Jan 58.6 1.5 0.48 -1.50
Feb 59.5 1.6 0.38 -1.89
Mar 61.2 1.8 2.15 0.34
Apr 64.7 3.0 3.68 2.90
May 68.7 4.7 0.02 -0.10
Jun 68.5 2.1 0.14 0.07
Jul 71.0 1.0 0.00 -0.03
Aug 73.6 2.0 0.00 -0.02
Sep 74.2 3.6 0.00 -0.15
Oct 71.5 4.8 0.12 -0.45
Nov 62.7 1.4 0.26 -0.75
Dec 57.9 1.4 0.60 -0.93
Total 66.0 2.4 7.83 -2.51


This chart shows rain totals by month at the San Diego Airport.

Here are is the daily rainfall through the year. The tan shaded area represents when we are in a rain deficit. You can see that the deficit was erased in April. However, it was a dry end to the year, which dropped rain totals below the yearly average.

This graph shows daily temperatures through the year, indicated by the black lines. The grey shaded area is the normal zone for temperatures. It's easy to spot that most temperatures were on the warm side.

This graph is a combination of the two above.

Rain totals for the entire year.

This map shows the departure from normal for precipitation across the state. You can see that most of California was below normal. Northern California had an extraordinarily dry year.

This map shows rainfall as a percentage of the annual average. It's a great way to highlight which areas were dry or wet. Some parts of Northern California only got 30% of their normal rainfall. Although Southern California fared better, it was still generally dry.

This map shows that most of California was much below normal for rainfall, however, it wasn't record-breaking dry. 

2020 was a hot year in California. Temperatures were warmer than normal across almost the entire state.

2020 was the hottest year on record for some areas in Northern, Central and Southeastern California.

Here are the rain totals across the entire United States.

This map shows a departure from normal for precipitation across the United States. It was a record-breaking hurricane season this year, which brought extreme rainfall across the Southeast and Mid Atlantic regions. It was very dry for the rest of the country.

This map shows the percent of normal for rainfall. Some areas in the Southeast and Mid Atlantic received almost double their normal annual rainfall!

Unsurprisingly, 2020 was the wettest year on record for parts of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana.

California wasn't alone with the hot weather. With the exception of Oklahoma, Arkansas and Minnesota, it was warmer than normal for almost all of the United States.

It was a rough year in Arizona, where most areas experienced the hottest year on record. A lot of New Mexico and Western Texas also had record heat.

Here are the monthly rain totals across San Diego County.



Here are some of the snow accumulation reports from this morning. I've also included a webcam photo of snow on Laguna this morning. Beautiful!



    SNOW VALLEY         19-22          7200     12/29 730 AM
    MT BALDY            16-20     6500-7500     12/29 730 AM
    LAKE ARROWHEAD      16-19     5220-5600     12/28 10 PM
    MOUNTAIN HIGH       15-19     7200-7700     12/28 10 PM
    TWIN PEAKS           16.5          5500     12/28 1030 PM
    BEAR MTN-SNOW SUM   14-16          7200     12/29 730 AM
    GREEN VALLEY LAKE   12-15          7200     12/28 10 PM
    PINE COVE              15          6000     12/29 730 AM
    BIG BEAR RESORTS    12-16     7000-8000     12/29 8 AM
    CRESTLINE              14          4700     12/28 7 PM
    WRIGHTWOOD             14          6600     12/28 730 PM
    BIG BEAR (MOONRIDGE)   13          7400     12/29 8 AM
    FAWNSKIN               12          6830     12/28 10 PM
    BIG BEAR CITY        8-12          6800     12/29 8 AM
    RUNNING SPRINGS        10          6000     12/28 3 PM
    BIRCH HILL             10          5645     12/29 7 AM
    LONG VALLEY            10          8379     12/29 7 AM
    MT LAGUNA               5          6000     12/28 430 PM
    ANZA GRADE              3          4000     12/28 10 PM
    GARDNER VALLEY RT 74  2.5          3500     12/28 10 PM
    LAKE HEMET            1.5          4300     12/28 7 AM
    PHELAN                1.5          4400     12/28 7 AM
    DEVORE HEIGHTS        0.5          2792     12/28 8 PM
    JULIAN              TRACE          4200     12/28 9 AM
    BANNING             TRACE          3300     12/28 10 PM
    PINION RT 74        TRACE          3500     12/28 10 PM



Alpine (ANEC1)1.19
Barona (BNAC1)1.21
Barret Lake (BRTC1)1.06
Barrett Junction (BAJC1)1.12
Birch Hill (IRCC1)0.02
Bonita (BNNC1)0.97
Bonsall (BOSC1)1.40
Brown Field (SDM)0.83
Cactus County Park (CCPC1)1.08
Camp Elliot (MPEC1)0.85
Core Grade Road (OLEC1)1.29
Cuyamaca Reservoir (CYDC1)1.98
Deer Springs (DRGC1)1.51
Descanso (DENC1)1.39
Descanso RS (DSCC1)1.72
Dulzura Summit (DULC1)0.81
Eastern Tanks (ETKC1)2.13
Echo Dell (ECDC1)1.25
El Cajon (LCKC1)0.85
El Camino Del Norte (ECMC1)0.86
El Capitan Dam (ELPC1)1.21
Encinitas (ENCC1)0.44
Escondido (ESOC1)0.85
Fashion Valley (FSNC1)0.53
Flinn Springs (FLYC1)1.02
Goose Valley (GOSC1)1.10
Granite Hills (GRHC1)0.76
Harbison Canyon (HARC1)1.01
Henshaw Dam (HAWC1)2.65
Japatul Fire Station (JFSC1)1.13
Julian (JLNC1)1.95
Julian (JULC1)2.06
Kearny Mesa (KEAC1)0.59
La Jolla Amago (LJOC1)2.47
La Mesa (LMSC1)0.88
Lake Hodges (HODC1)1.04
Lake Murray (MUYC1)0.59
Las Flores (LSFC1)0.94
Lindbergh Int'l Airport (SAN)0.57
Marron Valley (MAVC1)0.59
Mesa Grande (MEGC1)2.54
Miramar Lake (MMRC1)0.92
Mission Valley (BVDC1)0.50
Missle (MSXC1)0.94
Montgomery Field (MYF)0.62
Mt Woodson Rd - Ramona (RMAC1)1.25
Oceanside (OCNC1)0.97
Oceanside (OKB)0.86
Otay Mountain (OTYC1)1.11
Palomar Airport (CRQ)0.79
Palomar Airport (PLMC1)0.81
Palomar Mountain CRS (PMMC1)0.30
Pine Hills Fire Station (PHIC1)2.71
Point Loma (L13)0.56
Potrero (PRCC1)1.05
Potrero CDF (POTC1)1.04
Poway (PWYC1)0.81
Ramona (RMNC1)1.02
Ramona (RNM)1.09
Ranchita Margarita (RMGC1)2.25
Rancho Bernardo (RNBC1)0.83
Red Gate Repeater (RGPC1)1.74
Rincon Springs (RINC1)0.80
Roads Division 1 HQ (RDHC1)0.60
San Diego Estates (ESTC1)1.65
San Marcos Cnty Rd Station (SMXC1)1.15
San Marcos Landfill (NMLC1)0.58
San Miguel (MIGC1)0.51
San Pasqual (PSQC1)0.82
San Ysidro (YSDC1)0.52
Santa Ysabel (SYSC1)1.62
Santee - Mast Rd (STEC1)1.01
Skyline Ranch (SKLC1)1.79
Sutherland Dam (SUDC1)1.18
Thousand Trails - Jamul (TTRC1)1.00
Tijuana Estuary (TJEC1)0.48
Tijuana R - Int'l Boundary (TIJC1)0.19
Vallecitos Repeater (VCIC1)1.38
Valley Center (VALC1)1.61
Valley Center (VLCC1)1.71
Volcano Mountain (VCNC1)0.38
Warner Springs (WSGC1)1.80
Wire Mountain (WIRC1)0.82
Witch Creek Fire Station (WCHC1)1.38
Wohlford Dam (WHLC1)1.03