Quick Update - Thursday Morning

As a hurricane approaches, it is perfectly normal to see the path wobble a little. Last night and this morning we have seen a slight wobble westward. This won't have a dramatic affect on Richmond's forecast (sustained winds 25 to 35 with gusts up to 40 mph and 1 to 3" rain), but will make things much worse along the coastline if this path holds true. Remember, hurricanes do most of their damage from storm surge and flooding rains which are located near the center.

Forecast for the eye of the storm:

Right now, it looks like a Category 3 over the Outer Banks on Saturday evening. Then it will weaken to a strong Category 2 along the coast of VA Beach and Eastern Shore on Sunday morning. Irene then moves up into New England Sunday evening and night.


Bands will extend north of the storm, so rain will arrive earlier than the timeline posted above.

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