UPDATE - 12 PM FRIDAY 2/28/2014

The initial wave of rain is now starting to leave the area. Spotty showers and an occasional downpour will persist on-and-off into the evening, especially in the mountains. However, the most widespread area of rain is now gone.

Isolated showers or a quick downpour will continue into Saturday, but it won't be a complete washout. Definitely not like today. Isolated thunderstorms will also be possible, so don't be surprised if you hear thunder. Snow levels will drop down to 5000-6000 feet tomorrow as the core of the system passes overhead.

Here are the 24 hour rain totals:

Here is the forecasted rain totals through Saturday:

Here are the forecasted snow totals through Saturday:


We have a couple chances for rain headed this way next week. The first storm (Wednesday 2/26 into early Thursday 2/27) is small and fast-moving. The core of the storm will pass over Northern California, so it looks like the bulk of the heaviest rain will miss Southern California. Snow levels will remain fairly high with that storm.

The second system will arrive Friday 2/27 into Saturday 2/28. This is bigger and more slow-moving, which will give all of California a chance for a soaking rain, including Southern California. Snow levels will be lower with this next system, but not too impressive. Regardless, we'll take what we can get!

This is still a long way out, so the timing will change. However, the fact remains...the weather pattern is about to briefly change for California. I will get into more specifics as the storms move closer.

(Upper level pattern next Wednesday - notice the small storm in NorCal)
(Precipitation mainly stays north)
(Upper level pattern next Friday - storm is bigger with more energy farther south)
(Precip will be more widespread, though snow levels will be fairly high - not enough cold air!)