There are no major changes to the forecast. The next system is diving southward off the coast or Oregon. The core of the system is indicated in the deep shades of blue in the satellite loop below. This will bring us a chance for rain from Sunday through Thursday.

Isolated light showers could occasionally pop up tomorrow (30%), though it looks like most of the day will be dry. A better chance for rain arrives Monday as the core of the system settles into the region (80%).

The rain chance persists Tuesday and Wednesday (80%) as more moisture gets wrapped up into the storm. Computer forecasts have been a little inconsistent about the track of the storm during this time period. This track is key to the forecast because it affects our overall rain potential. The atmosphere will be unstable, so isolated downpours will be embedded within the showers. Some hail will also be possible.

Showers will become more isolated heading into Thursday as the system exits the region (60%).

Snow levels will be around 9,000-10,000 feet Sunday, 5,500-6,500 feet Monday, 4,500-5,500 feet Tuesday and Wednesday, then back up to near 5,500-6,500 feet on Thursday.

I've included projected 5-day rain and snow totals below. It shows that most areas in San Diego County should receive 1-2" of total rain with isolated areas in the mountains getting more.


Computer forecasts have significantly accelerated the next storm system. This is going to prevent the warm up for this upcoming weekend. High temperatures will remain below average for the foreseeable future.

Looking at the satellite loop below, you can see the overall flow of the upper atmosphere. There is a direct path connecting California to Alaska. Our next system will take this trajectory and park off the coast for the start of next week.

Isolated showers are possible ahead of this system on Sunday (30%). A better chance for rain arrives Monday, especially late in the day (60%).

Computer forecasts are having difficulty dealing with this system afterwards. Some are showing this system stalling and drawing moisture into our area Tuesday. This could greatly enhance our rainfall potential. It's still too early for me to give a definitive forecast. I'll keep an eye on it and bring more updates in the coming days. For the time being, I'm leaving rain in the forecast for both Tuesday (60%) and Wednesday (40%) of next week.

Snow levels could drop low enough by Wednesday for local mountains to see some flakes. Again, it's still too early to give specifics.